Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things You Might Think are Cool

The ward mission leader here has kept me updated on the NBA playoffs.  

Everybody has at least one dog which is a struggle for me because they jump all over me, but it is also a blessing because my allergies to them haven’t acted up during a lesson yet it usually acts up a little bit after though.
We were treated very nicely on Easter, people gave us plenty of candy and stuff.  I won’t be surprised if I gain a little weight here because everywhere we go we get offered stuff to eat.  We have a tea appointment(dinner) about every other day.  I actually like eating at people’s houses better because they usually have better food than we make ourselves.  We get 230 aud per month which I think is definitely enough to last.  I love this place.
Sorry I am running out of time but I still have a lot that i wanted to tell you so I will try to next week .  I love you guys.  I am having an awesome time here so don’t worry about me.
Love, Elder Hyde

I am pressed on time so i will just tell you a few more things that you might think is cool. Who ever said that I wasn’t speaking a foreign language is wrong, some of the people are hard to understand.  The people here use holidays to get off work so they have a lot such as Friday was Good Friday and then black Saturday then Easter Sunday then Easter Monday then Anzac day and they all get work off these days and that is why I did not write until today which is Wednesday here.

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