Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Arrival in Adelaide

This week has been awesome.

 THE PLANE RIDE-We got on the plane and thought that it was going to be fun because the seats all had a TV and we got our own eye shade things. That excitement lasted about 10 minutes because we realized that we couldn’t watch movies and that there really wasn’t going to be anything for us to do besides sleep.  We were able to watch the plane take off and throughout the flight because the plane had a camera on the tail so we watched some of that, other than that we slept and ate.

UPON ARRIVAL- The mission president was at the airport to meet us and then he had the secretary drive us to the office. At the office we were processed then had dinner.  We met our companions, then had a testimony meeting, then went back to our flat and unpacked and learned a little bit about each other.  My companion is Elder Pack from Logan, Utah. He is very good at singing so maybe his talent will rub off. My companion has been out for five months.

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