Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning More About the Bush

G'day family,
Great week! Learned more ways about the bush. We went out bush on Wednesday. It ended up being just me and Elder Hepworth because 2 of the communities that we go to, all of the people were in town so 2 missionaries stayed here to look after them. We went to the other 2 communities. It is pretty cold out there. The shed we stay in is tinny, it has a bathroom in it, to have a warm shower when we wake up one person has to start a fire under the water heater thing and it heats up the water. i will send a picture of it.
I could try and describe the bush and the people and how we do the work but it is pretty hard sometimes, and you cant quite get the full picture until you experience it.
We drive quite a bit in the utes between the communities. They love the missionaries out there. The communities are pretty small only like maybe 200 people or less. The main focus is building priesthood leaders because we pretty much run the show for church and stuff, but there are a couple of good men out there that help a lot with the church, soon we will be able to make the switch to them running the programs. We do a lot of activities and movie nights and family home evenings. We collect a lot of fire wood for them so they can keep warm. I love it out there.
Love you all heaps. Keep smiling :)
Love Elder Hyde
The Water Heater

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Packing Up!!

Hello family,
I guess I will start out with the information that you will probably really want to know. It was transfers this weekend. We were planning on going up to Elliott for the weekend but when we called to ask permission they told us that we couldn't. That seemed weird. Then we realized it was transfers, so we knew that one of us was gone and that we would have to be in Alice Springs. They later told us that. . . I was packing. :( I wasn't expecting that. But fortunately they didnt say that I was packing 23 kg because that would mean that I was leaving the Alice Springs zone. I got my new companion yesterday. His name is Elder Hepworth from Utah. And my new area is called "Bushland Water". We are basically in a companionship of 4. We travel out to the aboriginal communities around Alice Springs to help bring the gospel to them. We will be leaving tomorrow and coming back in to town on Mondays for pdays then we go back out each week like that. I was pretty sad when I heard that I was leaving a big aboriginal community in Tennant but now I am going to where there will be even more. It is also way colder down here than in Tennant Creek, there is frost on the ground in the morning when we go play soccer. Love you all. Have a great week.
Love Elder Hyde