Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Email From Elder Hyde

Alden has written two letter that we received in the mail.  This is his first Email to us.  His P days in the MTC are on Wednesday.  He has been at the MTC now for a week.

April 6 2011
My time here has been great.  It started out very slow because we just sat in the classroom all day. The first few days we were just learning and stuff.  Then on Saturday we watched conference ate watched more conference ate etc.  Sorry this message will probably be all over the place just because that is kind of how my mind is right now.

At first it was hard to get to sleep because I had so many thoughts going through my mind and it was easy to wake up on time, but already it is pretty easy to fall asleep and hard to wake up because we are tired.  

The days are starting to go by quicker now because we are actually starting to teach and do stuff instead of just sit and listen.  One thing that I have learned how to do is rely on the spirit. As promised in D and C and John if we try to learn all that we can the Lord will bring to our mind the information when we need it.  I have gained a stronger testimony of the spirit and how it really can recall information.

We have only taught 3 people in a role play atmosphere.  The first one was rough.  I feel like I relied more on my memory than the spirit and that got in the way.  My companion and I have gotten better though and we feel like we are starting to teach with the spirit which is more effective when teaching anyways, instead of just blurting out information.  My companion is cool. he has taught me a lot about how to teach.

Wow, the timer just started flashing and its kind of nerve racking. I know there are many more things that I want to tell you but I might have to write another letter and send it in the mail because my mind is going blank but the timer is making my mind go crazy.  I am excited to hear that you guys are making a lot of progress on the basement that is cool.  I love you guys.  This is a great place to be.  My testimony has grown so much.  I love you guys so much, have a great week
Love, Elder Hyde

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  1. I've tried to leave two notes here, but it seems that with my limited computer knowledge, things aren't going through..
    Just want to let you know how proud we all of you, Elder. I thought of you often as I was watching conference last week, realizing that you were just a few blocks away.
    I felt of your spiritual growth in reading your Blog. I know that you are just where you should be at this time of your life.
    Love you always,
    Grandma B.