Monday, December 3, 2012

New Companion(s)

Elder Hyde's companion got transferred last week and he was placed in a 3-Elder companionship.  Here is what he had to say about it!

They are Elder Tuiluaai straight from Samoa, a couple transfers ago, and Elder Mafi, a Tongan from Sydney. They are both funny and like to joke around so we have a lot of fun, but are able to get a lot of work done also. They were glad because they both can't drive so they had to ride bike but the weather is getting so hot that it would be hard to ride in. But luckily they get to ride in the car now, who knows one day I might accidentally lose the keys to make us ride the bike. Ha. We have been focusing on helping members mostly and helping them receive ordinances and it was cool this week. We had 2 ex-members get rebaptized and 2 baby blessings for less active members this week so the work is continuing to move forward and the Lord is opening the doors for us to bless the lives of his children.