Sunday, May 27, 2012

Setting Up for the Circus

Hello family,
Something funny that happened this week was we helped set up and cook food for the circus that was in town again. They did the show outside this time because they were using fire in the show. \We helped set up some mesh fencing stuff around where they were having the show kind of like a backdrop but on the side. During one of the acts the clown had a whip that was on fire. When he would whip it would make a little explosion of fire. One time he did this a little bit of gas flew off and got on the fence. All the sudden it went up in flame. The Tennant Creek crowd likes entertainment, when that happened everybody was cheering. Then they put it out and people cheered some more. ha. Then they continued the fire show. Good stuff.
It has actually started to get pretty cold. Not really, but I got used to the hot. It gets like 60 degrees in the morning and at night which feels pretty cold. And there is a wind that blows constantly too. I remember Elder Tomadakis telling me that it actually got cold here and I didnt believe him. I couldn't see how somewhere so hot could actually get cold.
Keep your heads high. Love you all.
Love Elder Hyde

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special Sacrament Meeting Visitor

G'day family,
This week has been great. We drove down to Alice for p-day. When we got there we had our last interview with President Poulton and Sister Poulton. Then for the next 2 days we had trainings from him. I think they only have like 6 weeks left. They have been focusing a lot on how we can change ourselves to change the world. This time they talked a lot about how we decide if we are happy or not, by thinking positive about everything. I guess our brain works better when we are happy also.
Whenever me and my comp think that something is going wrong we try to look on the bright side. When someone shuts the door, we do a fist pump and say yes! Not really. At the end of the training they gave us our leavers interview even though they are leaving.
I met somebody in Alice Springs from Roy this past week, e had tea with their family. I couldn't understand her last name but her father is a chiropractor and is in the 28th ward in Roy.
We were only in Tennant Creek for 2 days. We held church here and then went straight to Elliott after so that we could have sacrament up there. It has been a while since I have been up there. I love going up there. We always have unexpected visitors at sacrament up there, this time it was a big black pig. All the kids started to chase it away during Elder Tollis' talk. Then we camped at the lake and we just barely got back not to long ago.
Take it easy, love yas.
Elder Hyde
Big Black Pig visiting for Sacrament

Alden splitting the big Red Rock!

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Comp and First Taste of Goanna

G'day family,
Far out. It has been a full on week. Our P-day was changed to Tuesday due to a public holiday on Monday. Unfortunately on Tuesday the internet was down for Tennant Creek, the landline phone and even our mobile phones didn't work. We didn't have any communication with anyone for a day, then the internet still didn't work for another day, so now I am writing today. Anyway, I will get off my soap box now.
Now I will tell you the info that you have been waiting for. My new companion in elder Tollis. You will never guess where he is from. . . another Tahitian. ha. He also has a quarter french in him. He has been on his mission about 18 months now. He is pretty funny. He doesn't have his driver's license so I have to drive the whole way. 5 hours. Ha
I ate my first goanna this past week. It tastes like chicken and fish mixed together. They cook it in the ground.
On sunday the N.T. district president was down for church. He brought his wife and a kid. That was cool to have him down. Someone else presiding at the meeting besides ourself, ha.
We are still making progress with the baptismal candidate, she was able to have her interview for baptism and passed, yeah! So it will happen soon. I wish I could say a solid date, but we will just have to see when the time is right and everthing works out.
Love yas heaps. Keep smiling.
Love Elder Hyde

Alden with a Goanna (not the one he ate, obviously)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Somebody is Leaving. . . .

Hey Family,
This week was like a roller coaster-it has been full of ups and downs.
We weren't able to baptize our investigator because she wasn't quite ready, but she is still looking forward to being baptized in the next couple of weeks. She is still coming to church and we also had a few new investigators at church also, it's growing!
We helped cook a meal as a service for a kids activity in Tennant Creek. These people from the circus came and were teaching the kids how to do circus tricks and then they put a show on at the end where the kids did the circus show. So we cooked the meals for their practices. The clowns got us to do a few tricks. Like riding unicycle, juggling. etc.
We found out transfer information this time and . . . somebody is leaving . . . Elder T is leaving and I am staying. We are in Alice Springs right now and I will pick up my new companion this afternoon. That's another up and down, it is sad to see Elder T leave but it will be good to have a new person in Tennant Creek. It's been a good 6 months. We will drop him off at the airport then get the new guys.
Well love you all. Have a fantastic week.
Love Elder Hyde