Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Letter from the MTC

April 13, 2011
This week has definitely gone by quicker.  The crazy thing is that the weeks are starting to go by quicker but the days are still kind of slow and when you try to remember what you did yesterday it feels like it happened a year ago.  I think it is because we accomplish so much that it is hard to remember.  Nothing really unusual happened this week. they were just normal days at the MTC. Eat, study, pray, sleep, learn, but not necessarily in that order.

During class we watched a video of Elder Holland giving a talk to the MTC that happened a while ago.  One thing that impressed me from that was that we baptize people so they can have remission of their sins and not just so that they can be members.  By becoming members they can have the fellowship and the help to endure to the end and what not. 

It is very hard to focus on this email because i am doing laundry and it is loud in here. I haven’t decided whether or not to call from the SLC airport or from LAX because we have like a 6 hour layover there.  I will more likely call from LAX.  I am sure I will be able to sleep on the plane, that was a concern I had before but I am sure I can sleep anywhere now.  I am excited to get out of here although it has been good.  My companion has made this time great. 
My time is running out sorry this isn’t a very big letter I wish I had more time.  I can’t really think of anything else to write but if you have anymore questions before I leave then write a letter or something.  Tell the grandkids hi for me. Thanks for all your support.  I love you guys and have a good week.
Love, Elder Hyde

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  1. Whenever I read or hear about 'enduring to the end' (as you wrote) I cant help but think "there is no end"...
    Things go on forever..Sometimes I'm so thankful for this knowledge, and other times, it just makes me tired...You've started at a good pace..Keep going..
    Love you,
    Grandma B