Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letters From Sept 9 and Sept 16. . . . And PICTURES!

Sept 9

I can't think of anything that I would need at Christmas yet but, I was thinking about some things we could use for bush now it is starting to get hot and they have been asking for water balloon fights and stuff so maybe some small squirt gun things and water balloons for water balloon volleyball and stuff but that is only if somebody was thinking of sending a package before Christmas, if not then we could probably just get them here. Money in the account is cool then you don't have to pay shipping and stuff but surprises are cool so you can surprise me with what you want to do. I hope I am still around here at Christmas. We got our new companion this week his name is Elder Lacanivalu, from Fiji, he is tall as but has a heart of gold. It was funny to see when we first took him around to see all of our families some of the little kids would get scared and run away because he is so tall and one time he was sitting on the ground and then some people came so he stood up and the look on their faces when they saw how tall he was when he stood up was priceless. I love this companionship. Miracles will happen. We stayed in town this week because Mulga Bore was in the footy grand final in town. So all the communities were in town to see them play. They ended up losing which was sad, but a good thing was that we were able to still have church in town with them at the chapel. Tanya gave a testimony and it was powerful but her voice was gone because she screamed to much at the football game the night before. All the bush elders had to give a talk in the Alice Springs branch yesterday too. We give talks every week out bush but that is only to about 20 people each week, it was cool and weird to give a talk in front of a large group again. And then we did a musical item also. That was funny. We had to move flats in town too this week so it was a pretty full on week. Time has gone quick and I already have to go, but I hope you have a great week, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth. Love ya.

Sept 16

The week was pretty good but one of the hardest weeks I have had out bush. We just had a lot of down time where things fell through and people not wanting to act but that was just in one community. Another community is doing great, we were able to teach a lot and heaps of people came to church we might have to start to get more benches there. Dream big.
I have never eaten so much tuna in my life, it is good though. We don't like cooking much so we have been getting canned tuna and bread and that is pretty much all of our meals. Ha. Oh and don't forget the sauce mustard and tomato sauce. 
Just wanted to send a couple photos of the companionship that I thought were pretty cool.
We went out bush this week, it was Elder Lacanivalu first time and he was pretty funny out there. He is excited to do the work, so excited that when we were teaching he invited a less active to be baptized. Ha. The member said I have already been baptized and Elder Lacanivalu just said "oh I was just role playing practicing for when I do it for real." ha. We should have warned him it was a less active.
Man, one of the communities called Harts Range is pumping right now. I love going there, the people are coming to church and they are always happy to see us and have stories. We had heaps of people at church there yesterday and a lot of new faces with investigators and less active. The one problem we have there though is that we can't exactly just baptize because there is no priesthood there at the moment so we want to get priesthood and then Harts Range in going to become Zion. I just can't wait to get back out there.
I don't know if I have ever thanked you enough for raising me in the gospel and being such and example to me, I see the blessings from it now. Thanks heaps.
Love you
Love Elder Hyde

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Letters from Aug 26 and Sept 3

September 3
We had a great week out bush. We learned just how committed they really are to the church. We had planned on having church out bush, but the members were not at the community where we have church. So on Saturday night they drove all the way and made it by 1 in the morning. Then they woke up and were ready for church in the early morning. And later that day they had to go back to where they were. The roads are pretty rough and they would have had to pay for petrol and stuff so it just showed to us how much they really love having the gospel.  Good things are happening out here. I am excited to continue the work out here. Oh ya, we also had transfers today and only Elder Yamamoto is leaving. It will be hard because he was our leader and knew a lot about bush, but it will be good because we can bring new ideas to bush also.
Keep enjoying life and "smelling the roses"
Love ya
Elder Hyde
August 26
Things have just been getting better and better. The weather is warming up which is good. Se saw heaps of miracles this past week, but one in particular; last night we were getting ready to have a lesson at one of the houses and at this house there are heaps of families that live there, they each have their own room, and so when we have stories, we have it in the living room and people that want to come to the living room and there are usually people still left in their rooms especially the men. But this time they made an effort to have everyone there and even young men and older men came it was a great experience to see them want to come closer as a family. I think one thing that may be bringing them closer together is that the father of the community is in the hospital and has been for a long time and he isn't getting much better so that is bringing them closer to the Lord for help. Which also reminds me, could yous remember in your prayers Lyndsay Bird and his family. He is the one in the hospital.

It has been one of the best weeks out bush. More people are coming to church. They are being more excited about the gospel. We are getting new investigators from hard work and it is getting warmer. Couldn't ask for anything better.  We don't really know when we will know if bush will be shut or not. President said that the Lord may take a year or more or earlier. He just needs to find out more about what is going on out there and then take it to the Lord and find out what He wants.  He said he is not in a rush.  President Carter is the man. It is always great to have him up here.  All my companions and I are still getting along.  It is a good companionship, we all balance each other out. 
Love Yas,
Elder Hyde