Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alden Opening His Mission Call

Alden had friends and family over to open his mission call.  Chantel and her kids were on the web cam.  Grandpa and grandmas were on the phone.  Alden was very excited to find out he will be serving in the Australia Adelaide mission.  He will speak English.  He will enter the MTC on March 30th.

Here are some comment from friends and family when they heard the great news.
Layne:  Can I go pick him up?  I wanna go.
Geni:  That is  so cool.  Weston is jumping around and way excited for him.  We all are, Congratulations!
Starla:  That's awesome!  Tell him congratulations.
Cameron:  We never knew he had turned in his papers, that's awesome!
Brad:  That's really cool.  Give him a hug for us.
Lynn:  Wow! That sounds amazing!  Congrats.
Tammy:  Congratulations!  I can totally see him in worries mate..
Sandy:  Remember those mom blessings start now.
Brianna:  congrats to you all.
Kelley:  Congratulations, that is wonderful.
Sandy:  I truly cannot think of any cooler place to go!!!  I've never known anyone that's gone there!!
Laney:  My friend used to live there!  He will love it!
Elaine:  Woohoo how cool will that be!
Pyper:  How exciting!  Tell him Congratulations.
Kathy:  Holy cow!!!  That's exciting!!! Congrats!!
Gwen:  That is fantastic!!  Not very many ym get to go there.  I am so happy for you all.