Friday, November 2, 2012

Zone Conference in Adelaide

We had a sweet zone conference this past week in Adelaide. Elder Pearson came, and he just smashed us as a mission, he told us that we could be doing a lot better. He was speaking very bold too, telling us to repent and stuff. I was watching Sister Carter and it looked like she was going to cry for us because he wasn't taking it easy. I reckon that is what we needed though because we were all excited to get out and do the work after that. Another cool thing that we had was a musical fireside with the branch here. We set up for some members to sing and they are mostly islanders so they have way good voices. We had a pretty good turnout to that. Other than that things are still great. I just wanted to send this picture, it is of when we went to Adelaide.There is 4 of us missionaries here in Mildura, we aren't in a 4 some like in Alice Springs but we stay at the same flat and stuff, and we don't have split area. We work the same areas but it is just like whoever finds the person teaches them, so we are motivated to find a lot so that they don't get taken by the others. ha. The other 2 are Elder Mafi and Elder Tuiluaai. Love ya!
Love Elder Hyde