Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is Elder Hyde with a little boy that painted this picture for him.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breath of Fresh Air

G'day Family,
I hope Tyson and Chloee have good birthdays.
We had our zone leaders up this week. Luckily we had enough people to see with leftovers. It is sweet to have other people to talk to. When there are new people that come into Tennant Creek to talk with it is like being in a room where somebody passed gas and then you get some fresh air. Ha, anyway.
I can't remember if I told you this before but you sent some root beer concentrate and we were trying to make some. We made some with this guy that has a soda stream which carbonates water, so we just made it in water then put it on that machine and it carbonated it. Its just not the same without dry ice though. We were looking for dry ice though so we went to a few shops here and asked for it. The people that we asked just looked at us like we were stupid and they said "no but we sell wet ice". So they obviously don't have dry ice here. I might have to wait til we go to Alice or just use soda water.
I don't know if you would be able to tell me but do you know if that Elder Brown kid from Idaho has come into the mission yet. It is one of Gordon and Kendra's friends. They use to send us a letter of who has recently come into the mission but we dont get them anymore so I was wondering if you would know at all?
Everything is going well. Love you all, keep smiling, have fun, be happy, enjoy life, thats all I can think of.
dink = give someone a ride on your bike
The ute (truck) we get to drive with our zone leaders

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obstacle Course

G'day family,
Had a good week. We had a pretty funny fireside this week. Usually we get a lot of kids to our weekly fireside so we planned and set up an obstacle course for them to do. We had a prize at the end so we compared it to life, that even when we have challenges we need to keep our eyes on the prize at the end which is eternal life. Unfortunately there were no kids that showed up, only older people, luckily they had a good attitude about it and it was hilarious to see them do the obstacle course. We strapped planks of wood to their feet and had them going through nets and over tables and stuff.
Our zone leaders are coming up for tomorrow for a trade off. It gets a little crazy when they come up because we have to be creative with things to do because there is barely enough people to see as is but with extra people it gets a little difficult to stay occupied, we'll figure it out though.
We had 12 people at church this week, it was awesome.
Is dad getting excited for his adventure?
I hope you all have a great week. Love yas
Love Elder Hyde

my shout = buy someone something, we have some new members that shout us dinner now.
Elder Hyde, Elder Tomadakis, and Sheila with thier hats

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fart Bombs :)

Hello Family,
This week has been pretty good. It was transfer week so we were supposed to be getting a call letting us know what was going to happen... and we didn't get a call saying that we were staying... but we also didn't get a call saying that we were leaving either. So I think we are just forgotten about, so we will stay and hopefully that is what we are supposed to do. Ha.
We had 2 new members move into our ward this week from Alice Springs. I think that they will be able to help us a lot.
Somebody was telling us to look up this video on You Tube called "aboriginal chooky dancers comedy gala 2009". Look it up and tell me if it is funny. 
When we have testimony meeting here, we have one talk still and i gave the talk yesterday and then instead of a second talk we turn the time over for testimonies and yes you bear testimony to only a few other people but it is just as powerful.
We were teaching some lessons this week and we usually teach outside just sitting in the dirt or on a chair, and this lady's grandkids had little packages that they were hitting and then throwing them next to us. They would explode and then stink. They were fart bombs. I don't know if they have any over there but I am going to try and get a hold of some. I was going to send some for the kids birthday but I don't know if it would be safe in the mail or if they would explode in it. 
I'm still doing good and loving the work.
I love you all and have a great week.
Love Elder Hyde

yonks = a very long time,  i haven't had a good five guys burger in yonks

Sliding down the old mine shafts

Going off a bike jump