Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Thoughts

Here are some happy thoughts that Elder Hyde sent home.  We were able to share this for him at our mother's funeral:

Mom has taught me many things, it's hard to narrow down, but as most of us know she has been in a battle with cancer for nearly half my life. This would be a massive trial for anyone to bear. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time with her during this time, and I never heard her mention anything about "why me" or anything negative the whole time, she just endured through it and made the best of it. So I guess you could say that she taught me how to happily persevere through trials. She always kept a positive attitude towards life and she expressed it through her humor. She would always say or do something funny that would make those around her smile or laugh. Although, she would blame the chemo and drugs for her silliness but I'm not too sure about that. She was the perfect example to me of being happy when life doesn't exactly go your way, and making the best of it.

No Time to Write

These past few weeks Elder Hyde hasn't had much time to write.  This is because we have been Skyping with him twice a week (YAY!).  It is so good to see him and know that he is well.  We are grateful for the people there helping him along-his mission president, branch president, companion, etc.  His companion has given him a hug for us upon request several times which I'm sure is not the easiest thing for a young, tough man to do.  We are all grateful and bear testimony of the power of our Savior, through the Holy Ghost, to comfort and heal us.  We trust that the Lord is taking care of our brother and son and sending tender mercies to him and all of us.  Here are a few pictures Elder Hyde was able to send.

Small Roo in a Nappy

Hey family,
Its been a pretty full on week as you know.  But its been good though. I think I told you a bit already about our P-day. Where we had some people take us out bush bashing around to all of the old mines around town. Most of them were gold mines.  The landscape makes me think that we are in Africa, because there is heaps of tall grass and then some trees every once in a while. After bush bashing, they took us to some locals in town that we haven't met before, one breeds snakes and the other raises kangaroo. It was funny to see a small roo in a nappy (diaper), and there were a couple more just jumping around in the house. I asked if she potty trained them and she said kind of.  After we held them she put the small one in a pillow case and hanged it on a chair.
We had a training in alice springs. We always learn a lot there. President Poulton went super in depth on the plan of salvation during the training, possibly for my sake.  We also stayed with senior couple down there. They are from Las Vegas. It was nice to stay with them because they cooked us heaps of food.  When we got back from Alice, we floored it. Which is a saying we have in the mission which is kind of like putting the pedal to the medal. just working as hard as you can.
I'm glad I was able to watch the funeral, you all did a very nice job. I know she is proud of us all right now. Stay strong, and remember when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.  Love you all. Have a great week.
bush bashin' = kind of like off roading, just going on the dirt trails around town in a big ute.

It Helps to do Some Work

Hello family,
Sorry about emailing last week. we were supposed to have pday on Tuesday but sometimes information doesn't get passed along to us or it gets mixed up in translation, so we accidentally had it on Monday. oops. ha.
I was glad to be able to talk to you on skype.  I am doing fine here. It helps that I was able to get out and do some work and have some laughs. We had some entertainment yesterday, there were 2 dogs that were barking really loud so we went over to see what was going on and they were fighting a blue tongue lizard. It was very entertaining. There was actually only one dog barking at it and then another one came in and had no fears it just started jumping on the lizard, it probably got bit a few times. ha. Good fun.  We also had some funny people offer for us to come over for dinner, they made a lamb roast that was good.
I love you, hugs and kisses. I hope all goes well. I dont know if I have told you guys how much I appreciate that you are my family, I couldnt have asked for a better one.
Love Elder Hyde
torch = flashlight

Eternal Family

Hi all!  This is Britney, Elder Hyde's sister.  On Friday, January 6, 2012 our angel mother was admitted to the hospital.  She had been on chemo and it had really taken a toll on her.  She was very weak and tired and was having a harder time breathing.  My dad took her to the hospital with the intention of getting her fluids, rest, and maybe a blood transfusion.  When they arrived her heart rate was very high and they couldn't get it to come down.  They ordered scans and tests.  The doctor came in with the results and had taken the time to look over 8 years of mom's cancer history.  He told her that she was a miracle. He said there was mass around her heart and that the tumors had taken over her lungs to the point that it was hard to see healthy lung tissue in the scans.  He told her that they could take heroic measures- meaning pounding her chest and putting a breathing tube in- if she wanted them to, but he told her that he wouldn't feel right doing this.  He said that she had fought heroically and deserved to rest. Our mother accepted this and was at peace with her decision.
On Saturday morning my father and I started contacting everyone.  We tried, and with the help of many friends, were able to contact Alden's mission president.  He called Elder Hyde and told him to get to his Branch president's house where he could Skype.  Elder Hyde knew what this meant.  Elder Hyde and my mother parted at the MTC knowing that it could possibly be their last earthly meeting.  He was able to skype with my mother on Saturday evening (Sunday morning Australia time).  What a blessing modern technology is!  They expressed their love to each other.  My mom told him how proud she was of him and that she wanted him to stay there.  She told him that the mission is where the Lord and his mother wanted him to be.  She told him that he will be able to bear an undeniable testimony of the Plan of Salvation.  She said that he will touch people that no one else could because of his experience.  He expressed excitement that she will not have to wait for an email every Sunday to hear how he is doing and what he is up to because she will be there watching over him.  She promised him that she would be there.
Over the next couple days my mom's health declined quickly.  Elder Hyde called on Monday morning and expressed a desire to skype with her again that afternoon. She overheard this conversation and got so excited to see him again.  She asked for her water so she could get "hydrated". It was hard to tell her that she would have to wait nearly 6 hours because they were driving. She had declined to where she was barely able to speak or stay awake.  He did most of the talking.  He also, along with his companion, sang to her.  This is something she had been trying to get him to do for a long time-sing.  She lit up when we told her he was going to sing.  He was able to visit for a little more than an hour.   We are thankful for a kind and understanding mission president that allowed Elder Hyde to visit with his mother one last time.
Early Tuesday morning (12:30a.m. January 10) our beautiful angel mother returned to her Heavenly Home. Elder Hyde was also able to watch and listen to the funeral services via skype.  We will  miss her immensely but are so happy for her.  She is having a grand reunion with many loved ones and is free from any pain and suffering.  We are so grateful for the knowledge that ours is an eternal family.  We will see our sweet mother again and that knowledge provides comfort and peace.  Please keep Elder Hyde in your prayers.

Here is a link to our mother's obituary if you are interested: Theresa Hyde Obituary

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hey family,
For p day we went out to the Mary Ann Dam, which is just a little lake. It was pretty cool to see water but we cant do anything with it so we just took some pictures and stuff.
This week was a bit hard for teaching people or even seeing people because everyone went out of town for the holidays. They are pretty much over now though so they should start coming back. They have to get away while they can, while they don’t have to work and the aboriginals go out bush and visit family and stuff.
I gave out some of the Twinkies this week and I have never seen a Twinkie consumed so quickly in my life. They love them. Thanks for sending them.
You had asked about aboriginals so I thought of a few things that I could tell you. One thing that I thought was cool was with the older aboriginals eyes, they have a green ring around the colored part of the eye and all of their eyes that I have seen have been brown. I thought the green ring was just part of what they were born with and I thought it was cool but I guess it is actually cataracts or something, but it looks cool. Another thing that is kind of funny is that they point with their lips. If they say like over there, they will stick out their lips in that direction. They have houses here but most of them have bed frames outside and if it isn’t raining then they sleep outside.
Just as weird as driving a car on the other side of the road is having the brakes on your bike opposite, the right brake is the front here and the left is the back. Just some weird little thing that I noticed.
Well, I wanted to let yous know that I love yall and Happy New Year!
Love Elder Hyde
tucker (pronounced "tucka") = food, the aboriginals say bush tucker and it means food that they hunt or find out in the bush, and the bush is just anywhere not in the city.