Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thanks for the Cookies

April 7, 2011    Letter to Brit and Joe and family
Thanks for the cookies, they were delicious.  The only thing that could make them better was milk.  So what did I do?  I used the card to get some milk from the vending machine. 

To answer some of your questions, the host only took us around for probably a half hour.  He showed me my room, got a couple of books and then took me to the classroom.  He left from there.  I don't think I will be a host, although some people that got here last week are already hosts.

Me and my companion are getting along great.  He has taught me a lot about teaching. 
Conference was good, except that the seats were pretty uncomfortable and we had to sit for a very long time.  I got more out of it though, so it was good. 

Well tell your kids hi, I love you guys.
Love Elder Hyde

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