Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trolley Accident (be sure to read the Aussie Term of the Week)

Hey Family,
You said last week that the weather can't decide if it wants to be hot or cold. I know how you feel now. Last week I said it got cold, this week it was as hot as ever. Now it is raining again so it is getting cold again. The only thing is I have been waiting for the cold and you are waiting for the warm probably.
We witnessed one of the funniest things this week. We saw a shopping trolley accident. I wont be able to describe it to make it sound as funny as it was but here goes... we have this one investigator that everytime we see her driving her car and we are on the bikes we make sure we get out of the way because she is just learning how to drive. So she was one trolley driver that was involved. I guess she is learning how to drive a trolley also. The other crash victim was a lady that just woke up. It was a head on crash. I think this lady fell asleep at the wheel because after it happened she was rubbing her eyes bloodshot eyes and saying, "I just woke up."  Ha. Everyone in the shop started laughing. It was hilarious. Anyway that was the entertainment of the week.
Our bikes get a lot of use and there is not a bike shop up here so we try to take the best care of them that we can. But the tread on Elder T's tyre was getting pretty low. The tube started to show through the tyre, we realized that was bad but we were in the furthest camp away from town. We were riding and all of the sudden {= poof =} his tyre blew. We walked the rest of the way home. Good times.
Our investigator that is looking forward to being baptized has now come to church enough and has shown her desire to be baptized that we might have a baptism this weekend. I say might because I have learned that nothing is for sure in missionary work especially in Tennant Creek and especially with the aboriginals. We have the faith that it will happen though. We are looking forward to it. It is also the last week before transfers so we are banking on it even more.
Well, Love yas.
Love Elder Hyde

trolley = shopping cart

Sign of Protection

Hello family,
We actually did a little bit of something for pday last week. We played some golf. The course is just dirt. Heaps of flys too. The green is just dirt too so they have like a roller and rake and you make your own little track to the hole. I would like to see Tiger Woods play on that course. Ha.
I have had an increase of dogs peeing on my bike lately, just the tyres so that is okay. The aboriginals say that it is a sign of protection from them. Something else happened this week though, there was a little boy that peed on my bike. I dont know if that means anything in their culture. Whats next to pee on it?
The weather is getting cold now. On wednesday it actually got down to 70 degrees, we almost had to put a jumper on and actually had to take a warm shower too. The smell of fires is starting to fill the air. That is how everyone in town keeps warm.
I hope you all start feeling better from the flu. Love ya.
Love Elder Hyde

jumper = sweater

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

Biliyi angi nyinta family, (pronounced, "billy oggi ninda")
That is "How you going" in the local aboriginal language here. We have had a great week. Easter was good. We had our zone leaders from Alice come up for a tradeoff. It is always good to have new people up here to give us new ideas on how to do the work up here. One of the zone leaders has been working with the aboriginals in Alice Springs for over a year now, so he knows how to work well with them. He taught us some new things. We learned heaps.
The easter bunny only comes to about half of the town.
I did end up getting the package you sent about 5 minutes before the post office closed, they must have been pretty busy getting all the stuff sorted. The package was great. The kids love the seats that you sent. They work good.They are a good insentive to get them to pray. They get to sit on it if they say the prayer. ha. That is a picture of one of the kids using the chair.
I also got a package from Trena and John.
Love ya-have a great week,
Love,  Elder Hyde
Dad sent Alden these "Pocket Chairs". They fold down small enough to fit in your pocket

Monday, April 2, 2012

Highlight of our P-days

G'day Family,
Everything has been going well. We haven't really been able to find much to do on p-days so we bought a few puzzles and we work on them.That is the highlight of p-days now. Ha. I thought that I was going to get your package this morning because the office in Adelaide said they sent it up on Wednesday, but our post office switched owners so I think they are being a bit slow. As I checked the mail this morning I heard them sorting it so hopefully it will be there a bit later. The suspense is killing me. Ha. We weren't able to see  conference this weekend. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will or maybe never. We are excited for Easter though. We may have an Easter egg hunt for the kids at where we hold church. I did look after the traditions of our fathers and burnt a shirt for my year mark. It was a dirty one though so that is okay. Well I love you all hope you have a great week. Love ya.
Love Elder Hyde

feral = wild, all the dogs and children in Tennant Creek are feral.
4 Year Old Aboriginal Girl.  She calls out "twobolla elders" whenever she sees them.
We'll have to find out what that means!

BUGS (Barkly Ukulele Group)

Elder Hyde sent us an email that had a link to a newspaper article.  He prefaced it by saying that they have been trying to get involved in the community different ways so they could find people to teach.  To my surprise our Alden has joined a Ukulele group. But not just any ukulele group! Here's what the newspaper says about this group, "serenades locals with a funny, twangy, virtuosic and foot-stomping rendition of popular tunes." ?!  We will be looking forward to some ukulele serenading when he comes home!
Here is the link: http://tennantcreek.yourguide.com.au/news/local/news/general/bugs-to-debut-as-tennants-dukes-of-uke/2506297.aspx