Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tranfer Week

Hello family,
Tomorrow is transfers and we will find out tonight if we are going to be transferred.  There are some reasons why I would like to stay, and those are that there will be a couple getting married and then the husband will be baptized, and we also have a teenager that will be baptized, so we are having good success in the area that I am in right now. 

I had a great week this past week.  We had what we call trade off, where we trade companions for the day. It ended up that I stayed in my area for the day so I had to do all the planning for the day and be kind of like a senior companion. I was kind of scared to take over but it all worked out and I had a great day.  It made me go out of my comfort zone but it made me more confident in my missionary skills.

I cut my own hair this week. I just did all one length but it is pretty short!  I am running out of time but  I love you guys and hope that you have a great week.
love Elder Hyde

They say "reckon" a lot instead of "think"
heaps = a lot
My favorite saying is when they combine these two words in a sentence like "I reckon it’s heaps good"

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