Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sharing My Happiness

I forgot my camera stuff to send pictures, so you will have to deal with a short letter instead. Sorry. I will remember it sometime. it was awesome to talk to the whole family and see how everyone was doing. Was Connor excited when he found out he would have a brother instead of a sister?

I have had a great week. it started out with helping people catch some sheep. We pretty much had to chase them around until they got tired and stopped running. We were able to trap a couple and jump on them to catch them though.

I ate at a members house this week and I guess they have a new missionary initiation thing.  They have pure chili extract that is super hot, they keep it in a glass vile, if they kept it in plastic I’m sure it would burn through it.  It is so hot that to get it out of the container you have to use a toothpick and only get a little drop. they made me eat it and my mouth was on fire.
One cool experience that happened was an investigator committed himself to a baptism date without us asking. his name is Jason. The gospel has changed his life so much. At first his family’s house was messy and it didn’t seem like they had much love in the home but as we have been teaching them, their house is always clean they are all happy and you can tell that they love each other more.  This is the true church and I love it, it is awesome to be able to share my happiness with others whether they want to listen or not.
I love you guys.
love Elder Hyde

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