Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving People in More Ways than One

Hello family,
First of all I will be calling next week on Sunday, I believe it will be 4 5 or 6 o’clock there, so just make sure you are by the phone. Don’t worry about adding international or anything I will just buy a cheap card here and everything will work out good.  My companion said the cards are very cheap. I also forgot my camera cords and stuff but I will try and get pictures home somehow. I don’t think that I will be able to write in a day by day format yet because there are so many things that I want to tell you guys about but I can’t remember what days they have happened and stuff like that so I will just tell you a bunch of stories not necessarily in chronological order.

I tried my first vegemite this week and I actually liked it because it reminds me of ramen noodle flavoring. Since it reminded me of ramen noodle flavoring my companion and I decided to try it on raw ramen noodles and it reminded me of the good ol' days.

I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but I have yet to flush a toilet that flushes in a circular motion, so i don't know if they flush the opposite way or not.

Something that you will have to try is TIM TAMS, they are delicious, and they eat them with stuff called MILO which is basically like unsweetened hot chocolate. but the trick to eating them is you bite opposite corners of the TIM TAM and then use the TIM TAM like a straw and suck up the hot chocolate, after a few seconds the TIM TAM starts to melt from the inside and you have to slam it in your mouth. They call it TIM TAM SLAM. If you can find any in America I would encourage you to try it. I crave it every night before bed.

Last p-day I learned how to play some rugby, it is fun and tiring. Today we are herding sheep so I might see some koalas or kangaroos, it will be fun if I do.  

We have helped a lot of people move. It is kind of funny because the roads here aren't very big, which also means they don’t have very big vehicles or anything. so they just hook up little trailers to the back of their cars and pile it full of stuff.  It is kind of funny to see little cars pulling big loads of couches and stuff.  I don’t think Luke’s truck would be able to get around on the streets here.  

I got my first taste of how ineffective tracting is this week.  We tracted a whole street and didn’t get any return appointments.  Most the people just shut the door right away when they saw us, some were polite though.  One incident was kind of funny when a lady opened the door and we saw a dog the size of a horse, luckily the screen door was still closed or I would have been scared.  When we saw the dog we said to the lady that is a big dog, her response was "yeah, and it doesn't like strangers" then she shut the door.  

We have seen a lot of success contacting people different ways though.  I have been meeting some very neat people here.  A lot of people smoke in this area and most of them want to quit and have told us that they have tried before. When we have introduced them to the power of prayer and the Holy Ghost a lot of them have been able to quit, it is an awesome testimony builder for me.  I love it, it is fun to meet new people and the situations they are in and try to help them out by bringing them closer to Christ and his teachings.  I have seen the changes that the gospel brings to people out here for the better.
Well my time is out, I love you guys.
Love Elder Hyde

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