Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mice Everywhere

Hello family,

There was a lot that happened this week. My companion and I were both kind of scared because it was transfer week and we both wanted to stay. The work here is going great and we have some sweet investigators that are making changes in their lives in order follow Christ and are finding true happiness from it.  We got our wish and we stayed.

For p day we went to a park and fed ducks and played rugby.  We fed the ducks with some bread that we had mice getting into. We have learned to not just leave bread out on the counter especially during this time of year when it gets cold and the mice try to find a place to stay. at first our bread started disappearing but it looked like human bites, and it seemed like there was some gone every time our district leader came over, so we thought he was trying to trick us by eating bites out of it and making it look like something else was eating it. Until one day I actually saw the mouse in the act.  We had to apologize to our district leader. the lesson I learned from the experience is don’t look beyond the mark, if it looks like a mouse was eating then it probably is.  The other lesson was how to make a home made mouse trap which I have a video of so I will try to send it sometime.  Speaking of mice, we were mowing an investigators lawn that was probably 3 feet high, when we were just about finished we must have disturbed a mouse house or something because there were heaps of them running all over, but there was one that didn’t quite escape the spinning blade of death.  My companion cried because he killed it. just kidding but almost.

I ate some kangaroo and it was good, we just bought it from the shop and cooked it ourselves, when it first started cooking it smelled like it was going to taste really wild, but it actually tasted really good.

We were able to go to the temple this week and it was awesome.  Something interesting that I heard this week was that minimum wage here is around 17 dollars and if you make anything less than that you should look for a new job, I thought that is a lot of money to start out in a job.   The cost of living is quite a bit more over here.

My time is just about over but I love you guys. I hope that you guys have a great week.

Love, Elder Hyde

some of the parts of the car are called different things
trunk = boot
hood = bonnet

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