Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Small Roo in a Nappy

Hey family,
Its been a pretty full on week as you know.  But its been good though. I think I told you a bit already about our P-day. Where we had some people take us out bush bashing around to all of the old mines around town. Most of them were gold mines.  The landscape makes me think that we are in Africa, because there is heaps of tall grass and then some trees every once in a while. After bush bashing, they took us to some locals in town that we haven't met before, one breeds snakes and the other raises kangaroo. It was funny to see a small roo in a nappy (diaper), and there were a couple more just jumping around in the house. I asked if she potty trained them and she said kind of.  After we held them she put the small one in a pillow case and hanged it on a chair.
We had a training in alice springs. We always learn a lot there. President Poulton went super in depth on the plan of salvation during the training, possibly for my sake.  We also stayed with senior couple down there. They are from Las Vegas. It was nice to stay with them because they cooked us heaps of food.  When we got back from Alice, we floored it. Which is a saying we have in the mission which is kind of like putting the pedal to the medal. just working as hard as you can.
I'm glad I was able to watch the funeral, you all did a very nice job. I know she is proud of us all right now. Stay strong, and remember when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.  Love you all. Have a great week.
bush bashin' = kind of like off roading, just going on the dirt trails around town in a big ute.

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