Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eternal Family

Hi all!  This is Britney, Elder Hyde's sister.  On Friday, January 6, 2012 our angel mother was admitted to the hospital.  She had been on chemo and it had really taken a toll on her.  She was very weak and tired and was having a harder time breathing.  My dad took her to the hospital with the intention of getting her fluids, rest, and maybe a blood transfusion.  When they arrived her heart rate was very high and they couldn't get it to come down.  They ordered scans and tests.  The doctor came in with the results and had taken the time to look over 8 years of mom's cancer history.  He told her that she was a miracle. He said there was mass around her heart and that the tumors had taken over her lungs to the point that it was hard to see healthy lung tissue in the scans.  He told her that they could take heroic measures- meaning pounding her chest and putting a breathing tube in- if she wanted them to, but he told her that he wouldn't feel right doing this.  He said that she had fought heroically and deserved to rest. Our mother accepted this and was at peace with her decision.
On Saturday morning my father and I started contacting everyone.  We tried, and with the help of many friends, were able to contact Alden's mission president.  He called Elder Hyde and told him to get to his Branch president's house where he could Skype.  Elder Hyde knew what this meant.  Elder Hyde and my mother parted at the MTC knowing that it could possibly be their last earthly meeting.  He was able to skype with my mother on Saturday evening (Sunday morning Australia time).  What a blessing modern technology is!  They expressed their love to each other.  My mom told him how proud she was of him and that she wanted him to stay there.  She told him that the mission is where the Lord and his mother wanted him to be.  She told him that he will be able to bear an undeniable testimony of the Plan of Salvation.  She said that he will touch people that no one else could because of his experience.  He expressed excitement that she will not have to wait for an email every Sunday to hear how he is doing and what he is up to because she will be there watching over him.  She promised him that she would be there.
Over the next couple days my mom's health declined quickly.  Elder Hyde called on Monday morning and expressed a desire to skype with her again that afternoon. She overheard this conversation and got so excited to see him again.  She asked for her water so she could get "hydrated". It was hard to tell her that she would have to wait nearly 6 hours because they were driving. She had declined to where she was barely able to speak or stay awake.  He did most of the talking.  He also, along with his companion, sang to her.  This is something she had been trying to get him to do for a long time-sing.  She lit up when we told her he was going to sing.  He was able to visit for a little more than an hour.   We are thankful for a kind and understanding mission president that allowed Elder Hyde to visit with his mother one last time.
Early Tuesday morning (12:30a.m. January 10) our beautiful angel mother returned to her Heavenly Home. Elder Hyde was also able to watch and listen to the funeral services via skype.  We will  miss her immensely but are so happy for her.  She is having a grand reunion with many loved ones and is free from any pain and suffering.  We are so grateful for the knowledge that ours is an eternal family.  We will see our sweet mother again and that knowledge provides comfort and peace.  Please keep Elder Hyde in your prayers.

Here is a link to our mother's obituary if you are interested: Theresa Hyde Obituary

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