Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hey family,
For p day we went out to the Mary Ann Dam, which is just a little lake. It was pretty cool to see water but we cant do anything with it so we just took some pictures and stuff.
This week was a bit hard for teaching people or even seeing people because everyone went out of town for the holidays. They are pretty much over now though so they should start coming back. They have to get away while they can, while they don’t have to work and the aboriginals go out bush and visit family and stuff.
I gave out some of the Twinkies this week and I have never seen a Twinkie consumed so quickly in my life. They love them. Thanks for sending them.
You had asked about aboriginals so I thought of a few things that I could tell you. One thing that I thought was cool was with the older aboriginals eyes, they have a green ring around the colored part of the eye and all of their eyes that I have seen have been brown. I thought the green ring was just part of what they were born with and I thought it was cool but I guess it is actually cataracts or something, but it looks cool. Another thing that is kind of funny is that they point with their lips. If they say like over there, they will stick out their lips in that direction. They have houses here but most of them have bed frames outside and if it isn’t raining then they sleep outside.
Just as weird as driving a car on the other side of the road is having the brakes on your bike opposite, the right brake is the front here and the left is the back. Just some weird little thing that I noticed.
Well, I wanted to let yous know that I love yall and Happy New Year!
Love Elder Hyde
tucker (pronounced "tucka") = food, the aboriginals say bush tucker and it means food that they hunt or find out in the bush, and the bush is just anywhere not in the city.

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