Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will a Root Canal Give You More Aussie Accent?

g'day family,
Sounds like you have had a good week. New Mexico sounds like fun. That is crazy that they are taking down the whole Ogden temple. Do they expect it to take longer now then? Have they built any new in-n-out burgers close by yet? I sadly haven’t found as good of a burger over here yet. I think they make them a bit differently.

We had stake conference yesterday also.

There was a funny experience this week where we were visiting a less active, she has an autistic daughter that does some funny stuff. I have been there a couple of times so I knew what to expect and she always acts like her hands are different animals and they climb up and jump on your ties and stuff when you go. So this time I was prepared, I put my backpack on the front of me. Luckily I did because she came out with glue stick all over her hand. This time her hand was a huntsman spider, ha, so the spider had to climb all over my bag, pretty funny.

I had another good experience this week, it was called root canal. I think that it was a Halloween themed root canal, because as they were doing it they put this plastic thing in my mouth and stretched it out and as they did that Elder Sie said “dressing him for Halloween?” and then laughed.  They  also put a temporary orange filling in it.  It was actually a pretty good experience my tooth feels heaps better.  It was on the tooth that was done for my mission physical. They said since he drilled to the nerve to put the filling in, he had put some medicine in it but that medicine wore off and then the nerve got infected.  They showed the nerve to me after they pulled it out, and it was big and white.  It is supposed to be red. It was pretty cool.  We joked maybe with some Australian hardware in my mouth it might make me have a more Aussie accent.

I have had a great week. Your prayers must have been working, we found a couple new families to teach that seem to have a lot of potential.
Have a fantastic week. Love you all heaps.
love Elder Hyde

Not a very creative one, but a very Aussie one.
Mate = friend, can be said to anyone at anytime, or everyone every time. They say it a lot. Ha

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