Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gorge Wildlife Park, Halloween and District Meeting

Hey family,
This week has been a good one as usual. I am writing late again today because we went to the Gorge Wildlife Park. We found some creatures to teach there. The kangaroo. There is a picture of Elder Sie and I teaching them. We were actually able to hold koala as well which was cool.  Their fur is so soft to touch but the claws are not. They like to be secure so they hold you with their claws, it doesn’t hurt too bad, just like if Connor were to wrestle you and he scratched you that is what it would feel like.

They do celebrate Halloween here but from what I understand it is not as big as in America. Only a few people go trick or treating and a lot of people that give out stuff don’t give out lollies, they give out apples or some other fruit.
We did a service project with the Mormon Helping Hands program. We sorted clothing for and op shop, an op shop is like a DI here in Australia.

After our district meeting we were able to have an interview with President Poulton. He is awesome. During the interview we are able to ask any deep doctrine question. In 2 Nephi 28:30 it tells us that we need to learn line upon line precept upon precept, and I definitely learned the truthfulness of that because he boggled my mind with deep doctrine. My mind couldn’t quite grasp that stuff yet but as I build my knowledge everyday, someday I will understand.  We have people ask about dinosaurs, and how that fits in with God, a lot so I asked Pres. Poulton about them and he blew my mind away.
I love you all heaps, have a great week. I should be on normal time next week.

I don’t know if I have already done this one
fair dinkem = an expression like "wow" or "oh really" I have heard it used in a lot of different ways so I don’t know the exact translation but that’s what I understand about it. ha.

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