Sunday, November 6, 2011

World's Largest Rocking Horse, Hot Weather and Investigators

g'day family,
Wonderful week for p day we went to the world biggest rocking horse.  It is funny. It is just this big rocking horse out in the middle of nowhere.  From the city it takes like 45 min to get there. It is in the Guinness book of world records, which is pretty cool.  Unfortunately it doesn’t actually rock though.  So that is what those pictures are of.

It is starting to get really hot here.  Like 90 degrees by 10 in the morning, then it just gets hotter through the day. Its good though because there are more people outside that we can talk to then.  Another bonus is we can take off our jackets. I  went on trade off with a hilarious Tongan elder this week, and he fell asleep at one of the lessons we were teaching, ha, because it was so hot in there, and the investigator was hard to understand because he was from Vietnam.  Not many people use air conditioners or coolers. Also while we were on trade off we walked around a lot and I didn’t have much to drink, so for lunch I bought some watermelon and ate 3 pounds of it.  After that I had to use the toilet a lot.

We got a new investigator from Nicaragua, so I asked him a little bit about the history and he kind of knew about the story that grandpa Hyde wrote his book about, with the president hiding some gold and stuff and that it was a pretty dangerous place to be at that time.
Did you have daylight savings yesterday, or I guess it is today for you?

That is sweet that Tyson Craven got his call.  Tell him congrats for me. I hope he is pumped, there is nothing better than serving the lord.
Love ya, have a good one.
love Elder Hyde

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