Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crazy weather, Elder Sie's Birthday, Conference

Hey family,
That is crazy that it is snowing already in the mountains. the weather has been really weird here as well to me. I don’t know if it is normal here, but we will have a day that is above 90 degrees and then the next it is a bit cold and rainy.  It is weird.
With this being a short week since p day wasn’t very long ago, I don’t have a whole lot to say that was extraordinary. Other than it was my companion’s birthday. I  made him a little cake out of an English muffin and some nutella spread and a match. I will attach a photo.  There was also a family that had us over for dinner and they baked him a cake, theirs was a little nicer.

Conference was awesome. They basically just put conference onto a DVD and play it on a projector in the chapel, so you have to go to the chapel to watch it.  They play it at the same times as in Utah but the priesthood session they play on Sunday morning.  There were some great talks though.  We are out all day talking about how we have prophets on the earth today, and it was cool to see them speak and boost my testimony of them so that I can better testify to others.

We are emailing from an investigators house right now and they bought some fish and the ingredients for Elder Sie to make a Tahitian specialty.  It is raw fish though so even if it tastes good I probably still wont like it. ha
Well I hope you all have a great week, don’t get too cold. love ya.
love Elder Hyde

"bobs your uncle" = I don’t know the exact translation but it is used after you describe instructions to someone. I think it basically means "easy as that"

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