Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's a Small World

G'day grandma,

Things are going great here, and I am glad to hear that things are going great there. I will take your advice and remember the adventures that I am going through.
It sounds like you are still yourself, making up words like "kibitz", ha, is that word legal in scrabble?  What does it mean?
I am teaching a lady that reminds me a lot about you. She is very nice to us and likes to have a good time.  She takes good care of us and offers us anything that we need.  I reckon those are good qualities to have.
Have a fantastic week, I love you.
Love, Elder Hyde

Hi Family,

You asked about my clothes, most everything is fitting good.  The only thing that is getting a bit small is the grey suit.  But it is starting to get warm so I won’t have to wear a suit as much, so she’ll be alright.

This week has been good.  One of my new Zone Leaders is Elder Sackett from Layton.  He knows Austin Hyde and graduated the same year as him.  He asked how he was going.

We cooked an Australian Barbecue for a service project this week.  It was pretty fun. Nobody ever says “Throw a shrimp on the Barbie”.  We just made sausages and onions and then you put it on a slice of bread, the food is pretty simple.

I got on someone’s scale a couple of months ago and it said that I gained seven kilos which is like 14 pounds.  That is why it is weird that my clothes still fit good, because it hasn’t affected the size of my stomach very much.  So Elder Pack and I started to work hard to lose weight but I fear that I will gain more because Elder Sie likes his fast food.  I don’t think I have ever eaten so fast food in one week.  He said that he likes it because they don’t have these kind of fast foods in Tahiti so he likes them and wants to try them all.

From my companion I have learned a bit of Tahitian and French, but he tells me more about the culture than the language.

As far as me teaching him English, I am not very good at English in the first place so if he wants to learn good English he would probably have to learn elsewhere, But for the level that I am he is learning good English.

One of Elder Pack’s friends is serving in Armenia.  He was telling me the he was hoping to train Ben Seegmiller, that would be cool.

ua here au ia oe!
tapati maitai' roa!
That is I love you! and have a good week! in tahitian
dont ask me how to say it though

Have a good week.
Love, Elder Hyde

Aussie Term of the Week:
They don’t have garbage, here it is rubbish. They don’t have trash cans or garbage cans.  They are rubbish bins.

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