Sunday, September 25, 2011

Islander Weatherman, Flat Tire, Police Chase

g'day family,
I have had a great week. I think next Monday is a public holiday here and also transfer is next week so I don’t know when we will be emailing. but don’t worry if you dont get an email on Monday because we might just email later in the week.

One day this week we were driving in the car and Elder Sie rolled down one of the windows, the sun was out and there were no clouds, but he smelled the air for a second and said it smells like it is going to rain tonight. I was like no way, there aren’t any clouds, how can you tell, and he said it just smells like it. and sure enough that night it rained. I don’t know how he did it, must be the islander weather man.

I got the package with the M&Ms, thanks, they were delicious. They were gone like the next day because a lot of people haven’t tried the peanut butter ones over here so they ate them all, and of course I ate a lot too.
It was funny this week, we have an investigator that can play the accordion. i think she might have some mental disabilities but she could play it alright. she just turned on some music and started playing with it and singing, she got quite into it.

We were teaching a less active just on her front porch, and we kept hearing police sirens get closer and further. it was going on for about 20 minutes and then all of a sudden we could here it really close. So Elder Sie got out his camera and there was a police chase going on. The car came down the road we were on. a bit later there was actually a helicopter flying around that was helping track him. That was pretty cool to see.
As we were coming out of church yesterday we looked at our car and it had a flat tire. So we had to change the tire in church clothes. Oh well it provides for some good memories. I don’t know why it was flat, I think maybe, it is because of Elder Sie crazy driving. ha.

I am glad to hear that people are taking care of you, getting a hot tub and such.
Have a great week, iIlove yous.
love elder hyde

It is Alden’s 6 month mark today.  He said,

Time fly's when your having fun.
I told Elder Sie that and he didn’t understand the expression that time fly's. he's funny

add (as) to emphasize something.
so if something is really sweet you say "that is sweet as" or "it is hot as" or "kangaroo are cool as"
when i first heard it though i thought they were swearing but its not.

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