Sunday, September 11, 2011

Got Pictures, Laid Sod and Getting Fit

Hey family,

I got the photos and stuff that you sent. Corbin looks like a healthy guy. Connor is looking like he can take me in wrestling now, and Chloee looks like she has gotten tall, has she?

i woke up on Thursday with a kinked neck.  That wasn’t fun, it hasn’t completely healed but it is a lot better, a member gave me a heat pad to use. Elder Sie made fun of me, he would walk around with a stiff neck and stuff. He is a fun companion because he likes joking and having fun.

We helped lay some sod on Saturday.  The grass is way different here, it is like that crab grass stuff that dad doesn’t like in our yard. Some peoples rubbish is another mans treasure. ha

We didn’t eat out as much this week thank goodness. Since elderSie has gained 25 kilos on his mission he has started to want to get fit again. So we are going to buy protein and start working out, and also not eat out as much.

Well, have a sweet as week, I love ya

love Elder Hyde


knots & crosses = tic tac toe

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