Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Sun is Intense Here

g'day family,

I hope your week has been good. Mine has been great as usual.

I cant remember if I told you about a bird that a member has that talks. It was funny because elder Sie was recording him one time and put the camera right in his face by the cage and all of the sudden the bird attacked the camera and said "what are you doing, oi, what are you doing?" like he was mad at him.  Then Elder Sie just answered "I don’t know"

Sorry these computers are being super slow today so it is taking forever to type.

The sun is so intense here.  We were in the car one day when it was only like 30 degrees Celsius which is about 90 Fahrenheit.  We had the air conditioner on full blast but it was still hot with the sun coming through the windows.  You could barely even feel the air conditioner.  It will probably be hard to survive the summer because from what I understand it gets super hot. It is a requirement for kids to wear hats for recess at school.  So when you drive past primary schools it is funny to see all the kids wearing matching hats.

Well I am getting frustrated with typing on this slow computer, so I am going to stop.  But I want you to know that I love you and have a sweet as week.

Love Elder Hyde


mucking around = messing around

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