Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Companion in Elizabeth Downs

G'day family,

It has been a very good but busy week. For pday we went to St. Kilda Adventure Park again with the whole zone that was fun.  We played capture the flag, and it was the Americans in our zone against the rest of the world.

Yesterday I was able to give the guy that we baptized last week the Aaronic priesthood. That was a good experience.

Now for the information that I know you are dying to hear.... I am still in the Elizabeth
Downs area... but my companion has changed.  My new companion came into the mission the same transfer as me. His name is elder Sie. it is pronounced like sea. He is from the wonderful island of Tahiti.  He is still learning English as we go because amazingly he was only in the MTC for 2 weeks even though he didn’t know English before. He speaks very good for not being out very long. It is funny because he gets some words mixed up like whale and while, and his conjugation is funny.  He speaks both French and Tahitian.  He tells me of some stories of what he does back home, and pretty much every day he would go gun fishing in the ocean and he would see a lot of sharks and eels would attack and stuff.  It sounds like the life. I am excited to do the Lord’s work with him.

Have a sweet as week. I love you all.
Love, Elder Hyde


The weather is starting to get warm so the Aussies aren't going to need there trek pants and jumpers anymore.
trek pants = sweat pants
jumper = jacket or sweater

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