Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Investigator, New Member

Hello family,

The weather here is starting to warm up which i am excited for because i am a little tired of the rain.

On Monday we went to St Kilda adventure park. It is sweet there, it is like a playground for adults. They have huge slides, a long zip line, big swings, and these quad swing things. I will send some videos home of it. We went last Monday as a district and today we are going as a zone.

We got a new investigator a few weeks ago and for the longest time we thought his name was Bjunus, we called him that for a few weeks and he didn’t seem to mind, he is from the Congo too so there is a bit of a language barrier. But anyway, one day we were at a member’s house and they were telling us about how much mail they get for the previous tenant and that they were tired of it. When we looked at the name it was Djunus. We connected all the dots and at that moment we realized that we had been calling him slightly the wrong name but he never told us. I just thought that was kind of a funny story of how we found out his real name.

They don’t build basements over here, so people always ask about them and wonder if we really have them because they see them on American movies and stuff.

This was the last week of the transfer and we had an exciting way to end it, with a baptism. Elder Pack performed the baptism and they asked me to do the confirmation. It is always awesome to see people realize the blessings that they have been missing out on in life and then make the necessary changes to get these blessings.  He had to go through a lot of changes to get to the point of baptism such as smoking and drinking coffee, but as he quit those things I could tell a difference in him. It actually took him a long time to get over coffee but we went over one day and I could tell there was something different about him for the better and then he told us he was off of coffee and I then knew why he looked different.

It is transfer week so farewell for this week and I will talk to you next week from wherever I am. Have a good week. Love ya.

love the studly Elder Hyde


Since you guys are starting the draft for the NFL fantasy football

If you say football here they think you are talking about their Aussie rules footy so,

NFL = gridiron

catch the ball = mark the ball

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