Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wildlife Refuge, Got Milk? Baptism to Come

Hello family,

It has been a great week. I guess I will start out by describing the experience at the wildlife reserve.  We had a sweet investigator take us , it is actually the RLDS lady. At the reserve that had all sorts of the Australian animals such as emu, Tasmanian devil, kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, koala, and some dingoes. Most of them were used to having humans around and you could walk up to them and feed them. The kangaroos were sweet, they have some sharp claws and they would eat right out of your hand.  I actually got to see a baby roo jump into its mums pouch and I took a video of it so I will probably be sending another disc soon. The emu would eat from your hand also but it hurt because he would bite your hand and the food.  Wallabies are cool, they are just like little kangaroo.  I was also able to touch a koala, they are so soft it kind of reminded me of touching an afro, but even softer, and the claws don’t look so nice either.  The Tasmanian devil was funny he just ran around in circles.

This story isn’t necessarily spiritual but it is interesting. Because we went to the reserve last week we weren’t able to do shopping on pday, which means we would have had to figure out a meal time to go shopping during the week. The good part is that we already had enough food at the flat, we were only missing a few items such as milk.  Before we were able to go shopping we had a tea date with a member, and he must have been inspired because just before we left he asked us if we had milk at our flat, we thought that was a weird question because it’s not very often that somebody asks us that. He said that he bought an extra one and offered it to us so we had milk and we didn’t have to give up meal time to go and get milk which was awesome. There are some amazing people here that will do anything for their missionaries.

We have a baptism this week of a man that has been investigating for about 8 months, he quit smoking earlier but the only thing that was holding him back was coffee. He finally decided that he wanted to be baptized and enjoy those blessings more than the enjoyment he got from coffee. He is awesome.

I had my first tacos this week. They don’t have much Mexican food here. I forgot how good they were though.

Well, have a great week, I love you guys.

Elder Hyde


We had kind of an embarrassing moment this week we were talking about suits for some reason and about our slacks, and the guy was laughing at us because slacks here are pants that girls wear. So they are suit pants not slacks here.

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