Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Wouldn't Trade This Experience

G'day family,
Sounds like yous have all had a good week.   Mine was equally as good.  Today we are planning on playing billiards at a member’s house.  Then we will probably play some rugby or ping pong or basketball.  We actually play quite a bit of basketball, we have a few investigators that like basketball so we are trying to set up a time where they can all play basketball and get to know each other and some of the members, and just get comfortable, then maybe teach a lesson or something.  We sometimes play on pday and also sometimes we wake up a few min early and go to the church with a few other elders and play basketball for our morning sport.

For p day on Monday we went to the church and played ping pong because they have a table but we had to buy our own paddles but luckily we found some cheap ones at a shop called cheap as chips.  We keep the paddles at our flat so sometime for our morning workout we play a little bit of ping pong by turning my desk into a table with a few books as a net.

This week we were able to do a lot of service. One of the services that we did was mowing a lawn.  It doesn’t sound very out of the ordinary but it was cool because we used an electric lawnmower!  It actually worked very well I liked it because it was light.

It was interesting to have Jehovah’s Witness knock on our door this week.  When I first saw them I thought that I was going to get my first real taste of bible bashing but luckily we were able to just have a nice conversation with them. Their jaws dropped at first when they saw our name badge.  Then when we were nice to them they loosened up a little bit. That is one of the most simple ways to share the gospel is by just being nice to people and being an example of Jesus Christ in all that we do.  We hope through that example they will be curious about what makes us do what we do.

I know that this is the true church, and that knowledge that I have of the truth is what keeps me going.  The opportunity I have to share it with other people full time is awesome and I wouldn’t trade this experience.
Have a great week and I love yous.

Since Chantel will be having her baby soon I will tell a couple baby things
pram = stroller
nappies = diapers
dummy = binky

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