Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Are Blesssed When We Do What We Are Suppose To Do

Hello family,
This week has been good.  My companion and I kind of got a little complacent and happy with where we were at and weren’t really improving.  So we came up with a way to motivate ourselves to have better lessons and be better in all that we do.  The way that we decided to motivate ourselves was by buying a silly looking hat that one of us would have to wear if we don’t try our hardest in all that we do. so after we do stuff we evaluate who was the sookylala and they have to wear the hat in the car.

Something funny about the ward that I am in is that we pretty much sing the same closing song every week and it is one that I had never heard until coming out here. it is hymn #163 Lord Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing.

A lot of people here make a reference about Dr Jekyll. so I was curious if Derek got that at all on his mission at all?

One of our investigators got married in the church this week, it was very simple but it was awesome. I was the organ technician again for it. It was funny at the reception thing after. Jason the guy the got married gave a little speech thing that was funny. He said " thanks everyone for coming, thanks to the elders for getting us here, thanks to the bishop for rocking up (showing up), and thanks for the presents, that’s all."  It was hilarious how he said thanks to the bishop because he was the one that married them. It’s probably not as funny me just describing it.

Sounds like our pool would be the place to be with that Sea Doo in it. I am starting to get used to the conversion of celsius and stuff but it was hard at first.

It is funny that a lot of things that we think about Australia really don’t happen, like kangaroos don’t hop down the street all the time (unless you are in the outback) and they don’t say "put another shrimp on the barbie" they don’t even call them shrimp they call them prawn.  So to answer your question I haven’t seen anyone at the park with a boomerang, but I suppose it could happen.

I didn’t even realize father’s day had happened because it hasn’t happened here. But happy fathers day, sorry it is late.

One thing that I wanted to point out that I have learned while being out here was that when we do what is right and try our best the Lord will provide the rest.  We are supposed to do role plays everyday and they aren’t always the most fun thing to do but they do help us throughout the day. I know that it isn’t coincidence but it is divine help that just about everyday when we do these role plays we have just about the same situation in the day. Such as one day the role play was a little bit about polygamy and stuff and a few people brought up that concern during that day.  So in doing these role plays it helps us figure out how we can improve our ability to talk about certain subjects. 
My time is just about up but have a good week and I love you guys.

love Elder Hyde


sook- wimp or babyish

We have an investigator that when his kid is complaining or crying he calls him a sookylala. That is where we got the name for our hat.

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