Sunday, March 25, 2012

Transfer calls. . . . . . drum roll please. . . . .

Hello family,
We actually got official transfer calls after we emailed on Monday. And......... we are both staying another 6 weeks in Tennant Creek. Speaking about transfers, I heard that that Elder Brown from Boise Idaho is being trained in Alice Springs so I will be able to see him when we go down next time. I don't  know when that will be. Pres and Sister Poulton said they would only come up one more time to Alice before they are done with their mission so I don't know if that will be this transfer or next.
My comp doesn't believe that blue darts are real and I havent been able to prove to him yet so I might need Derek or Joe to send a video of one of them doing it. Ha.
We were talking to an aboriginal member this week and she said she was working on a book at a culture center. She said it was putting together a book of birds that symbolize things in their culture. I asked what kinds of things that birds can symbolize and she said like protection, death, and some other things. I just thought that that was interesting. I haven't seen the book or anything but it would be interesting to see.
Well I hope all continues to go well. I love you all.
Love, Elder Hyde

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