Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Sacrament Meeting

G'day family,
We have had a great week. We topped it off with a sweet sacrament meeting. This Sunday was the last day for the 2 priesthood leaders in our branch, they are both moving. Pres Dawes is going to Darwin, and Janusz, our other active priesthood, is going to Tasmania. They gave powerful testimonies. We were able to get our best investigator at the moment there as well. We have a baptism date with her and she enjoyed church so lets hope that continues to go well. We are going to have to replace these priesthood somehow as well. Church will be interesting trying to fill up all the time, I think me and Elder T will be talking a lot.
We came over to Pres Dawes house for district meeting the other day and there was a knock on the door so we answered it. There was a lady that was asking for pasta. We were thinking that was something strange to ask for. But then we realized she was asking for pastor, asking for Pres Dawes. He always gets humbugged by people to give them stuff because they know he is a good guy.
I think it has rained everyday this week. Its great for the temperature, but it makes it harder to teach people because they dont want to sit on the wet ground and learn. This week has been the first time that it has been below 95 degrees I swear. It feels to good. We haven't seen the sun for a few days but I'm not complaining because when the sun comes out after rain it just gets humid and makes it worse. I actually had to turn on the warm water a little bit in the shower because it was a bit chilly. Anyway enough about the weather.
I love you all. Have a great week.

humbugged = the act of someone trying to get something off you for free

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