Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Great Week

G'day family,
Had another great week. It started out in Alice Springs for the mission tour of Elder Hamula. There are actually things to do for p-day down there especially since there are heaps more missionarys. So we went to what they call Simpsons Gap which is a canyon with a little creek going through it. We kicked a footy around and a volleyball. Had a little barbecue, no shrimp! ha. That was a good time. We met these nice people down there as well that decided they wanted to feed us a couple nights while we were down there. They are greek so she cooked us some good greek food. One night she cooked us some authentic lamb and chicken yiros. I think they spell it gyros in America. But I asked them and the correct greek spelling is yiro.

We had a great training with Elder Hamula. He is a powerhouse. He taught us to think of why we do things and help others to realize why we do things. Such as it is easy enough to know what and how to pray, but it is harder to understand why we pray, even though knowing why is one of the most important parts. He explained it more elegantly and more in depth than I did but it makes a lot of sense. You are more likely to follow Jesus Christ if you know why you are supposed to follow Him.

This was our first real week of taking over church. I think we will be able to handle it, we have some other good sisters that help out a lot as much as they can.

I had more that I wanted to say but I forgot my planner that I wrote everything in at the flat so I guess that will have to wait til next week.

I love you all. Remember that God loves you and have a fantastic week.
Love Elder Hyde

a footy = either like a football or rugby ball

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