Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor Goanna

Hello Family,
I heard that you just had daylight savings so this is probably getting to you later than usual. But anyway, our week has been great. We actually had district conference with the whole Northern Territory, so we got coverage of that on the internet. It was held in Darwin. We actually had like 20 people at church too for the conference. Elder Hamula of the Seventy was there and he is coming down to Alice today. So we made the trip down here to Alice Springs yesterday. We are going to have a zone conference with him and President Poulton will be here as well.
On the way down I accidentally hit a goanna. Elder Tomadakis reckoned it wasn't worth bringing with us so we just left it, I'm sure some aboriginals can make a good meal of it. Ha. Just a couple kilometres down the road there was an eagle that swooped down and grabbed a lizard right in front of us so we had to swirve to the other lane. It was massive. We usually find a few birds in our grill by the end of the trip anyway but im sure that eagle would have done some major damage.
The root beer was awesome, I forgot how good it was. The candy is a hit. The kids always make funny faces when you give them the sour ones or hot ones but they always ask for more. Ha. They call the atomic fire ball the chilli one. They always ask us now when we give them a lolly if it is a chilli one.
Well I love yall. Have a great week.
Love Elder Hyde

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