Sunday, December 4, 2011

More About Our Area, Visiting and Camping in Elliot

G'day family,

One of the biggest differences in our area is the amount of people.  In the city it is kind of just like put the pedal to the metal.  You are just rushing everywhere teaching and stuff, while up here we have to take a ready aim fire approach.  We have to prepare for the work, like do a lot of activities to get the aboriginals interested and its not quite as fast paced. The food is mostly the same. the aboriginals like to catch goanna which is a big lizard, and bush turkey. I haven't had the chance to eat either of them yet but sometime.

My bike works good. We actually leave the bikes that they gave us in the city, and just use some that they have up here. I hope it gets me back in shape. I guess we will see.

It is bleeding hot here, but it has been alright so far, the sweat keeps me cool. ha. I didn’t bring the camel back up but that’s alright, I have been able to handle it.  There are some people that give us drinks.  We keep a lot of water in the fridge.  They actually had e coli in the water up here, so they put out a warning to boil the water while they clean it up, but we never boiled and we didn’t get it, so we were protected. We actually didn’t hear about it until about a week after they sent the warning out and we figured it was too late to start boiling because if we were going to get it we would have got it already. This is the hottest place I have ever been though

I have had a great week. For p day we went to this old open cut mine called Nobles Nob. There is a little lake at the bottom of it now and so we decided that we would hit a golf ball into the mine. The goal was to get it all the way across the mine but we weren’t good enough. We are just in a little town so we have to make our own fun on p day.

This weekend we did our Elliot trip. Elliot is about 250 kilometers away from Tennant. We have a lot of members up there. So we go up there and visit them and put on a sacrament meeting for them.  It is a town of only about 600 people.  So we went up on Saturday morning and visited the members that day.  There are a lot of cheeky dogs up there. Then as it was getting dark we decided we better go set up camp.  We went along the highway until we found a little place where we could set up our tent. Once we found it, we set up the tent, our cots and made some dinner.  Guess what was for dinner? Ramen noodles. yeah! Then we told ghost stories, just kidding.  It rained heaps on the drive up so we were scared that we were going to have to sleep in the car for the night but it dried up so we were able to set up the tent.  The tent is tiny so our cots like stretch it out.  It is funny to see.

The best part of the trip was sacrament meeting though. We ended up not having very many people there, and we just held it in under a tree, but the spirit was as strong there as I have ever felt, especially when we turned the time over to them to share their testimonies. You could feel their humility and love for the gospel. it was awesome.

Well time is up but love yalls. Have a great week.

love Elder Hyde


yo yo = aboriginal way of saying yep.

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