Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Hello family,

It was great to be able to see you all on Skype. you are all looking good and fit.  It would have been nicer to have a bit longer but it is all good.  I hope you enjoyed it. Definitely a good Christmas present.  After I talked to you we had a little party with our branch presidency. We ate some food and had a couple presents to open.  Then we basically went around picking up food from people that day because a lot of people told us to come on Christmas and they would feed us. Our fridge is full now. yes! ha.

We found out just last night that we got another transfer here in Tennant creek, very exciting.  This area gets shut down and open up a lot so it is good to still have some time to be here.

I think Derek may have experienced torrential rain in Peru also.  We had some this week. We were riding our bikes down the main road when all of the sudden it started to bucket down rain. We got under some shelter before we were completely soaked but the rain lasted a long time and we were already pretty wet so we decided we would go back to the flat in the rain. I know we aren’t supposed to swim as missionary's but we might as well have. We were soaked. We are in the rainy season so it rains quite a bit which makes it humid and hotter.

The library that we usually email at is closed till after the New Year so we are just using our presidents computer, so this is just a quick letter.

Well I love you. I’m glad you had a good Christmas.

Happy New Year!

love elder Hyde


Have a yarn = sit down and talk with them, we ask them if they want to have a yarn with us about Christ.

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