Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Party, Training and a Camel

g'day family,

My week started out in Alice. We had our p day there. The elders that we stay with there are basically all islanders and they love rugby, so we play that every p day. They are trying to teach me how to get good at it but I think it is a lost cause. ha.  It is fun anyway though.  We stopped p day early to have our Christmas party.  We had it at the senior couple house.  They are from America and are way funny, the Nordfelts.  For the party we opened our packages, yours was the best. I wasn’t going to open them but I got pressured into it. ha.  We watched a Christmas movie, had a prime rib roast.  It was a good night.

We did another training while we were in Alice and as part of the training they were teaching us how to cook, because they don’t think we are eating very good or healthily. Sister Poulton showed us that we can cook pretty much anything in the microwave, like potato, egg, anything. We don’t cook a lot because we don’t really have that much time too. So that is why they were showing us quick ways to cook things.

On our way back from Alice, we saw a guy walking his camel in the middle of the desert.  He had it all packed up with luggage. That’s not something that you see everyday.

Well I am out of time. I love you and look forward to talking to you for Christmas.

love Elder Hyde

fluke = lucky if you make a lucky shot in basketball than they call it a fluke.

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