Sunday, December 11, 2011

Did I say it is HOT? Christmas service

Hey family,

Glad to hear that you had a good trip to Hawaii. It looks like I did get the packages, I took a peek at the senior couples house and I think they were there. Thanks

This may sound like a broken record but it is hot here. There is nothing like getting out of a cold shower and drying off, then 5 seconds later having to dry off again because of the sweat.

The people are a little bit hard to understand but not too bad.  They speak kind of like a pigeon English. It is pretty quick but for the most part you can understand. They also mix a few words of their language with English, so you have to learn them. For example they would say "look at that goonaba" which is dog. They just mix so you have to learn some of their words.

The Aborigine people are quite a bit different, they are hilarious. They like to relax in the shade and just enjoy life and the outdoors. They dress semi normal, very plain clothes, nothing fancy.

We do listen to music, just EFY and Mormon Tabernacle. The five hour car rides would be hard to make without being able to listen to something.

We have firesides each week where we invite people and we try and focus on getting the kids there and involved. So what we did for this last one was taught about faith and then had the kids stand up backwards on a chair and had them tip over. So they had to trust that whoever was behind them would catch them. It was pretty funny.  Then we have games for the kids after the lesson.

We did a service in Tennant on Saturday, and they had us cook a barbie.  We cooked over 1000 sausages, it was crazy. We cooked the barbie for a children’s Christmas party at the park and they had Santa there.  Santa came in on a sleigh with kangaroo pulling him instead of reindeer.

We sang for a local choir as well, that was interesting.

Well time is up.

Have a great week. Love you heaps.

love Elder Hyde

mob = group of 2 or more people. We get called a mob a lot.  You could call a family a mob, its just a group.

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