Sunday, July 24, 2011

Whispering Wall, Drunk Driving Test, and Basketball

Hello family,

“How you going?” Is how they greet you here. In response they say “Oh Yeah” which basically means good.

I have had a great week. For pday last week we went to a place that they call the whispering wall. It is sweet. It is where they built a dam to make a reservoir and then they found out that you can stand on opposite sides of the dam and talk to each other like 200 meters away from each other just by whispering. It is crazy how it works, I don’t know if it works at all dams but they have like a monument and stuff for it at this one. On the way to get to there I saw my first kangaroos and a kookaburra.

My comp and I take turns to drive every other day. On one of the days that I was driving the police were doing a random drunk driving test, and I ended up having to take it, all I had to do was breath into the breathalyzer. I was kind of scared that I would fail because as missionaries we get pretty wasted... on the Spirit.

We have noticed that the getting people to the church and meeting members have converting powers. So my comp and I have been thinking of ways that we can get investigators to the church and to meet members. One of the ways we decided was to have a weekly basketball game with members and investigators, so this past week we got it set up. We had 3 investigators show up and some members. Everyone had a great time and said they would be there next week. We are hoping that eventually the members will take over so that all we have to do is invite people and then the members become friends with them and it helps make the work better. I am excited because I feel that we are getting very solid investigators that are interested in the happiness that we have to offer them. We just need to show them how to enjoy it themselves.

When I show people the pictures you guys sent with me, they always comment about how cute the grandkids are.
Have a great week. I love yall.
love the studly Elder Hyde

p.s. A lot of people over here do not know what twinkies are so if you send a package something that might be kind of cool would be twinkies so people can try them because a lot of people have actually wondered


They think that we are weird because we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We have to explain to them though that jelly is different though because they call jello here jelly. so they think we eat peanut butter and jello, but once we say its jam they don’t think it’s quite as weird.

jelly = jello

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