Sunday, July 17, 2011

Changing World, Oranges and Making Spaghetti

hello family,
It is crazy how the world is changing.  We knocked on a door this week and there was an answer without the door even opening. There was a speaker and camera next to the door that the person talked to us from.  It was a little awkward because the person could see us but we couldn’t see them.

Speaking of change, we had transfer this week, and nothing has changed, I am still in Elizabeth Downs with Elder Pack!  I enjoy it here though so it is great. I am excited to further the work in this area.

We were able to have a zone pday on Monday. We all met up at the zone leader’s flat and had a barbecue, then we played some touch rugby. At the barbecue they made some chicken hearts so I tried a few.  They tasted like chewy chicken. It is kind of funny to play rugby because there are only a few Americans in the zone and we have no idea how to strategize while playing rugby so we get teased a little bit because we just run around like chickens with our heads cut off, but it is still fun.

Oranges are in season now here in south Australia and people have been giving us heaps of oranges.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I come back orange because I eat one almost every meal. They are so fresh and delicious though. Sometimes they even let us pick them straight off the tree and eat them.

My comp has been a little sick the past couple of days with a chest infection I think, whatever that is?  So we had to stay in the flat for some of the days, and at first I thought that it would be kind of nice because I would be able to rest from the physical labors of the work and relax a bit, but after a little bit I was tired of it because I realized that the real fun of this work is to share the gospel with others, not keep it to myself in the flat.  Luckily my comp is starting to get a little better, and I am excited to get back out and have some true fun.

We have a family that has been feeding us a lot, so on Saturday we told them that we would make a meal for them. They were a little scared when we made the offer because they were scared of our cooking but they finally accepted. I wanted to cook some kind of Utah meal but I didn’t have any recipes or enough time so I just cooked some spaghetti. That was one of the days my comp was a little sick so I had to do most the cooking. I think they liked it or they at least put on a good act if they didn’t.

Well I want yous to know that I love you and keep enjoying life.

love Elder Hyde

The weather has been wet so we haven’t been able to ride our pushies very much.
pushies = bikes

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