Sunday, May 27, 2012

Setting Up for the Circus

Hello family,
Something funny that happened this week was we helped set up and cook food for the circus that was in town again. They did the show outside this time because they were using fire in the show. \We helped set up some mesh fencing stuff around where they were having the show kind of like a backdrop but on the side. During one of the acts the clown had a whip that was on fire. When he would whip it would make a little explosion of fire. One time he did this a little bit of gas flew off and got on the fence. All the sudden it went up in flame. The Tennant Creek crowd likes entertainment, when that happened everybody was cheering. Then they put it out and people cheered some more. ha. Then they continued the fire show. Good stuff.
It has actually started to get pretty cold. Not really, but I got used to the hot. It gets like 60 degrees in the morning and at night which feels pretty cold. And there is a wind that blows constantly too. I remember Elder Tomadakis telling me that it actually got cold here and I didnt believe him. I couldn't see how somewhere so hot could actually get cold.
Keep your heads high. Love you all.
Love Elder Hyde

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