Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sign of Protection

Hello family,
We actually did a little bit of something for pday last week. We played some golf. The course is just dirt. Heaps of flys too. The green is just dirt too so they have like a roller and rake and you make your own little track to the hole. I would like to see Tiger Woods play on that course. Ha.
I have had an increase of dogs peeing on my bike lately, just the tyres so that is okay. The aboriginals say that it is a sign of protection from them. Something else happened this week though, there was a little boy that peed on my bike. I dont know if that means anything in their culture. Whats next to pee on it?
The weather is getting cold now. On wednesday it actually got down to 70 degrees, we almost had to put a jumper on and actually had to take a warm shower too. The smell of fires is starting to fill the air. That is how everyone in town keeps warm.
I hope you all start feeling better from the flu. Love ya.
Love Elder Hyde

jumper = sweater

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