Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

Biliyi angi nyinta family, (pronounced, "billy oggi ninda")
That is "How you going" in the local aboriginal language here. We have had a great week. Easter was good. We had our zone leaders from Alice come up for a tradeoff. It is always good to have new people up here to give us new ideas on how to do the work up here. One of the zone leaders has been working with the aboriginals in Alice Springs for over a year now, so he knows how to work well with them. He taught us some new things. We learned heaps.
The easter bunny only comes to about half of the town.
I did end up getting the package you sent about 5 minutes before the post office closed, they must have been pretty busy getting all the stuff sorted. The package was great. The kids love the seats that you sent. They work good.They are a good insentive to get them to pray. They get to sit on it if they say the prayer. ha. That is a picture of one of the kids using the chair.
I also got a package from Trena and John.
Love ya-have a great week,
Love,  Elder Hyde
Dad sent Alden these "Pocket Chairs". They fold down small enough to fit in your pocket

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