Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blessings, Usual Day in Elizabeth Downs and Spiritual Experience.

g'day family,
We have transfer week this week and I am pretty nervous because I have been in this area a while now and I have come to love the area and the people in it, so we will see.
I gave a couple of blessings this week which was pretty cool because I hadn’t given any for a while.

I don’t think I have really told you about what a usually day is out here so I thought that I would describe a typical day in the Elizabeth Downs area. We start out at 6'30 in the morning and do exercise then shower and eat brekky then have our personal and companionship studies till 10'00. That is what we call a perfect morning. At 10 we leave the flat and usually that is the best time to get out on the street and just talk to everybody.  Sometimes we teach people in the morning but it is usually just trying to find people to teach during that time, sometimes we also do some service in the morning.  Then we come back at 12 and have some lunch. In the afternoon we usually have a couple set appointments to teach people and if not then we get out and talk to everyone again, or do some service and that is till about 5. We eat dinner either at the flat or usually with a member or an investigator.  Then at night is the perfect time to teach. We get back to the flat at 9 and plan for the next day. Then sleep at 10:30.  We eat sleep and live to find teach and baptize.

A pretty good spiritual experience this week was my companion and I decided that we needed to have more specific prayers. We decided on one of our investigators that we would pray for. He hadn’t really been progressing and doing anything that we asked him to do so that he would know for himself that what we are telling him is true. So we were praying a lot for him. When we went and visited him the next time he was doing a lot of research into the Book of Mormon and he was loving it. By small and simple things, great things come to pass. By simply making our prayers more specific a great change came to his desires.
Sorry I don’t have much more time because we are having a zone p day, but I love yall.
love elder Hyde

cheeky = funny clever or mischievous, some people say that we are cheeky boys.

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