Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alden's Farewell

March 27 2011

Our Sacrament meeting starts at 11am.  Our home was buzzing all morning preparing for the day.  Family was getting ready for the lunch and getting ready for church.  Alden was ready to go to the church at 10:30.  He and Shane helped set up extra chairs as we greeted friends and family.  We had around 400 friends, family and ward members in attendance.

Jordan Allred spoke on being a missionary.
Casey Wykstra spoke on happiness.  This was his first time speaking and he did a wonderful job.
Alden finished by speaking on Priesthood and Service.

It was a beautiful meeting. 

We spent the afternoon hosting an open house at our home. 
We enjoyed visiting with many friends and family. 
Morgan even found a seat.

It was most difficult to say goodbye to family that Alden would not see for 2 years.

We send out a huge thank you for everyone that came and help us show Alden how much we love him and support him!


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