Monday, October 22, 2012


Last week Elder Hyde wrote to us.  About two sentences.  He said that he couldn't talk long and that he had to catch a plane to Adelaide.  We weren't able to get any more details than that!!  We were excited to talk to him this week and get some more details.  Here is what he said:

Well the info you may have been waiting for. Leaving from Alice was way hard. I got a call from the members up there just a couple days ago. They called the mission office to find out where I was and they got the number from them. They just said they missed me and wished me luck and that I have to go back after the mission. Ha. But anyway after leaving Alice I got to Adelaide and stayed the night there with the assistants waiting for transfer meeting, where I was told that I was heading off to Mildura, it is about 5 hours drive away from Adelaide, in Victoria. There are heaps of islanders so it is good. I have never eaten so much fast food. We have tea dates a lot and sometimes they feel lazy to cook so when we show up they take us to KFC or Maccers or something. Its crazy. I will probably put back on heaps of weight but oh well.

I couldn't ask for a better companion.H name is Elder Ngawaka, from Auckland, New Zealand. He is a mix of Aussie, Maori I think, and Cook Island. He is the man. I just wanted to share this experience with you real quick, probably the most spiritual experiences I have had:
We had a great experience this week with a referral. We were going to have a lesson with her so we were looking for members to go with us, unfortunately the members that can usually come were all busy so we were struggling to find someone. We had a feeling to keep trying and we got ahold of a member that could come. We showed up at her house and she was going through a rough time, family was yelling at each other and it wasn't a good situation so we were thinking that maybe we should leave and set up for another time, but the member said lets wait for just a few minutes and stick it out. She invited us in and she let us know her situation, it turns out the member that the Lord provided knew exactly this situation and had been through it before. He was able to deliver doctrine to her needs and bear testimony of personal experience. This was something as missionaries we probably wouldn't have been able to do as well. During the lesson she broke out in prayer as tears filled her eyes. She felt the spirit strongly and invited us back, we committed her to read and pray. On the follow up visit we went back with the same member and his wife. She came out to greet us as happy as could be, with the light of Christ brightening her face. It was truly amazing to see the change in her. Straight away, before we could ask she told us that she prayed and read the scripture and has never been so happy. And even without us saying anymore she told us she wanted to come to church the next day (which the members jumped on and told her that they would pick her up) she didn't even stop there though, she said that she wants to be baptized without us even discussing that before. It was one of the most amazing experiences. She came to church and it was the primary program, she cried throughout the whole sacrament meeting. Glory be to the Father. If it wasn't for this specific member and his experiences, then I don't believe this would have happened. The Lord provided this member at this time to help this lady. I know the Lord provides the way as long as we try our best and dont give up.
That is a terrible description of what really happened and the efforts that were put into it and there were many more little details that all fit together for this to happen, the Lord provided it to happen though and I am grateful I was a part of it.
I love you all and hope you have a great week. The time is a half hour different I don't know if it is behind or ahead, but yeah.
Love Elder Hyde

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